Solar Screen Deep Cleaning

Las Vegas summers are hot! Solar Screens can do so much in keeping your house cool and A/C bills down. However with that summer heat also comes lots of dust that builds up on Solar Screens causing them to look dirty and worn. Not to worry, Neon Window Cleaning specializes in cleaning dirty Solar Screen. We have a tried and true process along with Eco Friendly soaps and protectants that deep clean your screens and repel dust and dirt. We can have them looking new again (or close to it).

Sometimes however older Screens can not be cleaned as the vinyl is worn and has come off. When this happens the screen looses its color. If your screens are worn down we can re-screen them. Keep reading for more information.

Solar Screen Re-Screening & Restoration

Is the fabric on your solar screens so worn and discolored that cleaning them won’t work? Over time this happens as Vegas weather is harsh. Rather than spending thousands buying all new solar screens, we can re-screen your existing ones. We can even change the color of your fabric. All re-screens include repainting your frames if needed. If you have frames that are broken or bent we’ll fix those too. We can have your old worn screens looking brand new again and at almost half the cost of building brand new solar screens.  

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