Are Your Solar Panels Home to an Entire Pigeon Population?

We can almost guarantee they are, because we see it 99% of the time we are cleaning unprotected panels. Pigeons can cause a lot of headaches:

  • Pigeon droppings reduce the operating efficiency of your panels. 
  • Pigeon’s can nest under the panels causing many issues.
  • Bad Odors… and Unsightly Looks.
  • Pigeon Droppings EVERYWHERE! Even your car you just washed.

That’s where Neon comes to the rescue. Allow us to Pigeon Proof your Solar Panels. We use high quality steel or PVC lined mesh to prevent pigeons from getting under your panels. Each Proofing comes with a Cleaning of the Panels, Disinfecting of the Area and Cleaning of the Roof Area around and under the Panels. We provide quality worksmanship that we guarantee won’t come loose on its own or we’ll come back and fix it for free!

Each Pigeon Proofing comes with a 7 point Cleaning, Inspection and Installation.

  • Professionally Cleaned Solar Panels.
  • Disinfect and Clean around, and under the Solar Panels.
  • Integrity Inspection, We’ll Check the Panel Glass for any Cracks or Chips.
  • We’ll check the mounting systems to ensure they are secure and intact. 
  • Ensure the Panels are free from loose or exposed wiring.
  • Check for signs of damage from birds or rodents.
  • Quality Installation of Bird Prevention Mesh.
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Bird Mesh Installation
Solar Panel Bird Mesh Installation Las Vegas
"The team at Neon Window Cleaning is absolutely great! We had them clean our solar panels and put steel mesh around them at two separate properties. Not only were they available to do the work in a timely manner, but the quality of work was top notch. They have the most fair prices in town and went the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the finished product. We would definitely recommend them for solar panel or roof cleaning projects you may have in the future. Neon earned a lifelong customer today!"