Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas
Las Vegas solar panel cleaning

Increase your Solar Panels efficiency by up to 40%!

We’re not kidding either. Studies have found that desert dust build up can reduce the daily power output by up to 40%! Add to that Bird Poop and Pollen build up and your panels may not be operating efficiently. 

Don’t worry though… Neon has you covered. We can clean your solar panels thoroughly and safely. We use Fall Protection Gear along with the proper equipment to safely clean your panels delicately. 

Cleaning will extend the life of your panels and having them operating as efficient as they can. 

Lastly, you should know, frequent cleanings can actually damage your panels. Especially if it’s not done correctly. So while we would love to clean them monthly, we recommend every 6 months to 1 year depending on your average dust and grime build up.  

Every Solar Panel Cleaning comes with a 5 Point Cleaning & Inspection:

  • Professionally Cleaned Solar Panels.
  • Integrity Inspection, we’ll check the panel glass for any cracks or chips. Basically anything you should know.
  • We’ll discuss cleaning plans that best suit your location and needs. 
  • Ensure the Panels are free from loose or exposed wiring.
  • Check for signs of damage, nesting from birds or rodents.

Have a Pigeon Problem under or around your panels? We offer Pigeon Proofing / Deterrent!

"The team at Neon Window Cleaning is absolutely great! We had them clean our solar panels and put steel mesh around them at two separate properties. Not only were they available to do the work in a timely manner, but the quality of work was top notch. They have the most fair prices in town and went the extra mile to ensure we were happy with the finished product. We would definitely recommend them for solar panel or roof cleaning projects you may have in the future. Neon earned a lifelong customer today!"
Las Vegas solar panel cleaning