Commercial and Residential Services

Did you know clean windows can not only brighten your home, they can brighten your mood! We will remove all that dirt, hard water, paint and other grime built up on your home or business windows allowing the sun to shine in. It's scientifically proven to improve your mood and if your a business, it'll set a great first impression for your customers. We also clean the window Tracks and Frames at no additional costs.

Window Cleaning

Dirty Window Screens not only look bad and detract from the looking of you home, they make it hard to see out of your windows. Sometimes even cobbwebs and pollen build up on your screens. Window Screen cleaning is included with all exterior window washing at no additional costs. We clean not only the screen itself but the frame around it.

Window Screen Cleaning

Solar Screens are great for cooling your house in the Vegas heat. However Vegas weather is not kind to Solar Screens. Dirt and Dust build up on these screens and it detracts from the look of your house. If the fabric on the screen is still in good condition we can Deep Clean your screens and have them looking Brand New.

Solar Screen Cleaning

Need to fix a few broken Solar Screens? Want to change the fabric color of your existing screens? Are your screens faded and worn, discolored and ugly? We can re-screen them, fix any broken frames and repaint your existing ones. 

Solar Screen Re-Screening & Restoration

Over time Window Screens can tear, separate from the frame, discoloring can occur or the Frame may crack, bend or break. With the purchase of Window Cleaning, we can fix them for you. We offer affordable Screen Repair that will have your Screens looking brand new.

Window Screen Repair

Solar Panels should be cleaned every 6 months to a year depending on build up. Here is Vegas with dust, pigeons droppings and pollen the build up on the Solar Panels can happen quickly. We gently & safely clean them for you so they are operating efficiently and producing clean energy for your home or business.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Have a Pigeon nightmare around and under your Solar Panels? We get how annoying these birds can be. Not only do they make a mess, they can reduce the efficiency of the panels. Each Pigeon Proofing comes with a 7 point Cleaning, Inspection and Installation. Click the link to Learn More.

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

We gently clean Vinyl and Acrylic Fabric Awnings with no harsh chemicals or oil based cleaners. Having your awnings cleaned will extend the life of your awnings and regular cleaning will prevent damage over time. It's recommended to rinse awnings monthly and deep clean them yearly.

Awning Care